Way's To Use Your Princeton Season Tickets
Thank you for being a Princeton Athletics Season ticket holder. Now lets use the tickets the best way possible for you. Below is a list of ways to use your season tickets at home and at work.

At Home
1. Enjoy Princeton Athletics all year long
2. Enjoy a night out with the family
3. Bring an old friend to a game
4. Use them as a stocking stuffer
5. Meet a date at the game
6. A night out with your significant other with out the kids
7. Reward your child for a good grade
8. Give them as a birthday present to your family or friends
9. Give your tickets as a graduation present
10. Use them yourself and enjoy the game
11. Donate your tickets to a local charity to have them come enjoy a game
12. Thank someone for taking care of your pet
13. Welcome a new neighbor to town
14. Give them to a local restaurant that you enjoy
15. Give your tickets to a family member to come and enjoy a game
16. Give to a member of a club that you are in
17. Give your tickets to your doctor or dentist
18. Say thank you to your children's teacher
19. Use your tickets as a raffle or a drawing
20. Take someone you mentor to a game
21. Donate the tickets to your church
22. Give them to your mailman
23. Give tickets to your child's coach to say thank you
24. Doante to workers at a local hospital
25. Donate them to patients at a local hospital
26. Make a new friend at the game with your Princeton Athletics regulars
27. Bring an old classmate out to a game to both enjoy your love for Princeton
28. Offer tickets to a service person that has taken care of you
29. Offer to your babysitter as a thank you
30. Have your kids bring a friend to a game
At Work
31. Say thank you to an intern that has helped you
33. Bring a customer out who hasn't done business with you recently
34. Get to know your coworkers outside of work
35. Take a potential customer to close a sale
36. Reward a customer or gave you a referral
37. Say thank you to a loyal customer
38. Reward suppliers and vendors who are always meet deadlines
39. Reward your staff for their work
40. Networking
41. Use as a employee incentive
42. Use your tickets to recruit a new customer
43. Congratulate an employee
44. Use for a sales contest for your employees
45. Reward your staff for a good job
46. Help part time workers feel more included
47. Welcome a new employee
48. Reward your "Employee of the Month"
49. Offer tickets to your assistant to take their family
50. Give them to your security guard at your building as a thank you


For more information please contact the Ticket Sales Office at (609) 258-4849