Digital First Ticketing
Princeton Athletics is starting to transition to more of a Digital First ticketing approach. When you select "email" delivery method, you will receive an order confirmation email which will give you the opportunity to add each ticket to your Apple wallet as well as an attachment with printable PDF tickets. We can scan the PDF off your phone as well as the tickets in your wallet. We are strongly encouraging fans to use the digital wallet.

How to Access your tickets

An email was sent to you from . There is a PDF attached to that email with your tickets.
Another option is to click the “Add to Apple Wallet” button within them email to add the ticket to your wallet.
Digital tickets are also accessible through your online account. Log in to your account and click on “Events and Tickets” on the left side. You can add the tickets to your wallet from there.

Digital Wallet App
Adding your ticket to your digital wallet is the best way to get into the game.
You can add these tickets to your wallet by clicking on the “Add to Apple Wallet” button next to your ticket in the email or in the “events and tickets” tab in your account
You will need to add each ticket individually to your wallet
Apple customers can use the preloaded Apple Wallet
Android users can use the apps WalletPasses, Pass2U Wallet or PassWallet

Transfer tickets
In your online account you can click on the “order history “on the left side. This will bring up all orders that you have.
Then click on “forward tickets” on the left-hand side. Select the tickets that you would like to forward and then add the email you would like to forward them to
You can also forward the tickets from your digital wallet

Game Day
We recommend adding your ticket to your digital wallet app prior to arriving at the venue
Open the tickets in your digital wallet and the screen will automatically brighten to make it easy to scan
The ticket in your wallet do not require you to have any Wi-Fi or service to work