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Mobile Ticket Delivery and Usage:
       What is mobile ticket delivery?
              Mobile ticket delivery is a delivery method by which your tickets are emailed directly to your phone when you place your order.
              This email will have an attachment which contains your actual tickets that can be scanned in at the event.

              Saves Money!
              No waiting in "Will Call" lines to attain tickets.
              No chance of your tickets getting lost in the mail.
              No need to print your tickets!

       Steps to recieve your ticket via mobile ticket delivery:
              1. Order tickets online at www.GoPrincetonTigers.com/tickets
              2. Choose email tickets as the preferred delivery method.
              3. An email will be sent to the email address that you provide on the order.
              4. The email will contain a pdf containing all of the mobile tickets that were ordered for the event.
              5. Provide your mobile ticket at the gate. A ticket taker will scan your phone and you will be provided entry to the event.
              6. Each mobile ticket has an individual barcode that will allow for one entry to the event. Any attempts to duplicate or sell copies
                  of the ticket will result in denial of admittance to the event.

              Mobile tickets will arrive as an attachment to the email. All tickets for the event will be in one PDF
              Mobile tickets are available on any type of smartphone.